Web Design


We offer customized tailor made web design for your business, as we understand business website is the first line of interaction between you and your potential customers and thus it must be crafted with innovation and expertise to meet your targeted areas perfectly. Our pool of experienced designers will help you establish a significant web presence and ensure a successful web marketing campaign.


Logo Design


We at Prodigy value that your company's identity is visually expressed through its logo, which, along with your company's name', is one of the main things that makes your business memorable. Thus we focus at developing a unique logo for your business that can showcase your company’s values and can be well associated with your business growth.


Info graphic design


With increased demand of info graphics in today’s scenario, we aim to provide best designs that serve the purpose to clearly and quickly showcase huge data or information, through visual representation. Our experts have the ability to present the huge amount of data within the constrained designs without any data distortion, making large data sets coherent and inducing the viewer to focus on the substance rather than the methodology.


Visiting Cards Design


We understand the importance of Business cards, as it is the first impression of your business to the client. It creates the sense of professionalism and provides tangible information to others. We are here to provide the most innovative and customized designs to make it look the same as your imagination. Be it business Cards, personal cards or medical cards we have the finest of designs suiting your purpose.


Brochure Design


We value the importance of a brochure in context of Business growth, thus have the best and expert designers who will work out the customized brochure for your business need matching your requirement and input.


Banner Design


With our ability to create most eye catching and attractive banners, we offer to our clients finest banner designs be it static, animated/ flash or video banner designs.